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Caught in the Act
Independence Falls # 2
By: Sara Jane Stone
Releasing September 16th, 2014
Avon: Impulse
Falling for his rivals' little sister could cost him everything …

For Liam Trulane, failure is not an option. He is determined to win a place in Katie Summers' life before she leaves Independence Falls for good. But first, he needs to make amends for the last time they got down and dirty.

Only problem?

His professional success hinges on striking a deal to buy Katie's family business. And after Liam's relationship with their Katie went south years ago, the Summers brothers are more enemy than friend. If both parties agree to set the past aside, they can reach an understanding. But when Katie welcomes him back into her bed, Liam risks everything to make her his.

After Liam betrayed her trust, Katie Summers will do anything to keep him from walking away with the family business. She decides to seduce him, knowing that when her brothers find out, they will back off from the deal. And she'll finally have her revenge. But when her plan spirals out of control, Katie learns that payback may come at too high a price …

Beneath the lust blanketing his common sense, Liam knew that this was too much, too fast. They needed more time to get to know each other again, and to move on from the past. But when he was with Katie, the pull was so damn strong.
And the way she refused to move her hand, to stop torturing him here, in a dark corner where he couldn’t do a damn thing about it … Liam closed his eyes and groaned. Thank God for his jeans. Without the barrier, he wouldn’t be able to hold back. Not after all this time. Not with her.
Releasing her hip, he ran his hand over her ass, over the fabric of her dress as the song ended and another one started. He paused, giving her one light, playful squeeze before lifting his hand away an inch.
“Planning to punish me?” she said, her voice heavy with need as his other hand continued to tease her.
He was tempted, but he wrapped his fingers around her hip, holding tight. “Not here. Not yet.”
But the thought of it turned him on. Drawing her underwear aside, his fingers slipped beneath, searching for her entrance. Touching her—it wasn’t enough. But for tonight, it had to be.
Katie turned her head to the side and he watched her lips form his name. The music had grown too loud again. He couldn’t hear. But he knew. Here, in the dark corner of a college bar, she wanted him. All other thoughts vanished, leaving him with only one—Don’t let go.
Liam scanned the crowd to ensure no one was glancing at their dark corner of the room. His thumb brushed her sweet spot. The one place he knew would drive her wild. As much as he wanted to draw this out, he couldn’t. They didn’t have the luxury of time.
His lips touched her ear. “Come for me. Now.”
He felt her body tense. The hand rubbing the front of his jeans stilled. It was as if she’d been waiting for those words.
And then she exploded. Liam watched as her eyes closed and her lips parted. Maybe it was the way she moved her lips, or her silent cry, but he swore he saw the same sense of awe and wonder in her expression that he’d witnessed years ago. That look—it pushed past the physical, touching something deep inside him.
Katie stepped forward, breaking free from his hold as she adjusted her skirt.
He smiled down at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Want another drink, or are you ready to go?”
She stared out at the crowd for a moment before turning to him. Moving closer, she ran her hand up his thigh, stopping short of his crotch. “I think I’ve done enough research for one night. And you might be more comfortable in the car.”
Her words held a sensual promise. Before he could tell her that he planned to take a rain check, she abandoned their quiet corner, weaving her way through the crowd toward the door. Liam followed close behind. Outside, in the cool night air, they headed for her wagon.
“I’ll need your keys,” he said, holding out his hand.
Katie turned, leaning back against the trunk. “In a hurry to get home? Without even a good-night kiss?”
She took his hand, pulling him close. Staring down into her green eyes, Liam placed one hand on either side of her head, palms flat against the wagon. Moving closer until his thigh touched hers, he leaned down and brushed her lips, a simple, chaste kiss.

Author Info:

After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream-writing romance novels. Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat. Join Sara Jane’s newsletter to receive new release information, news about contests, giveaways, and more! To subscribe, visit www.sarajanestone.com and look for her newsletter entry form.

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