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Eternal Bite: A Limited Edition Collection of Vampire Stories
Publication date: October 20th 2020
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Bite or be bitten.

Are you ready to journey into the sinful world of vampires? Awesome, because this limited edition boxed set contains nine all-new, full-length novels starring everyone’s favorite creature of the night… and it’s waiting for you!

Some characters will bite.
Others will be bitten.
All have a lust for blood.
Do you?

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this kick-butt collection.

Authors included in the set:

Avery Song
Stasia Black
A.S. Green
Brittni Chenelle
CC Solomon
Stella Williams
Charlee Garden
Kat Stiles
Heather MacKinnon


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Excerpt from Blood Claimed by Heather MacKinnon

“Did the second vampire give me his blood too?” I asked, disregarding the dirty looks he was sending my way.

“No. He didn’t. He left you for dead.”

“And the third?”


I nodded slowly and looked out the window, watching the buildings pass by in a blur and the shadows start to lengthen on the pavement.

“But I did.”

I whipped around in his direction, my wide eyes searching his face. “Why would you give me your blood?”

He breathed in and out slowly. Once. Twice. Three times before he spoke. “I was afraid you were going to die. It was after the second attack and I wasn’t sure I had enough time to get you to the hospital.”

He’d saved my life again. In a new and unsuspected way. He’d done it even knowing he’d never be able to tell me. That I’d never get the chance to thank him.

But now I could.

“Thank you,” I said, my voice wavering with a surge of emotion. “What’s that? Three now?”

He glanced at me quickly. “Times that I’ve saved your life? Nah. I wouldn’t count the first two separately. That was the same incident.”

I shook my head. “Nope. In my book they count separately.”

He ducked his head, but not before I caught the small smile on his lips. “Whatever makes you happy.”

That expression triggered something in my brain because I’ve thought a lot about happiness. How much of it I lacked in my early years, how hard I strove for it now, how elusive it could be. I decided a long time ago to collect as many things as I could that made me happy and keep them for as long as possible.

Alexander had effortlessly become one of those things.

I looked around his window-less room before I met his eyes again. “What am I going to do while you sleep?”

He pulled me closer, until my knees touched his. “That’s up to you.”

I tried to breathe evenly, but it was almost impossible while he was rubbing circles on my palms with his fingers. The desire, the need for him was so strong in that instant, it felt like it would swallow me whole.

“I’ve instructed Ashton to meet you here. If you want to leave, he’s prepared to take you anywhere you want. You can stay at another hotel, you can find yourself a new apartment, you can even go back to that dump I left you in the first time. I deposited your money into your account, so that shouldn’t be an issue.” He looked down at where our hands were still joined and fell silent.

I squeezed his fingers and whispered, “What if I don’t want to leave?”

His eyes jumped to mine, their depths so deep, so blue, I could feel myself drowning in them. Like I’d never come up for air. “I’d never send you away,” he said, his voice rumbling through the space between us.

“So, I can stay?”

He nodded, his eyes cautious but so clear I couldn’t look away. “As long as you want.”

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