Top 10 Reasons to Love a Southern Boy by Terri Osburn

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Title: His First and Last
Author: Terri Osburn
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
At eighteen, Lorelei Pratchett couldn’t wait to get out of her hometown. Twelve years later, her Hollywood dreams have fizzled and she’s back—temporarily, she thinks. Though she throws herself into saving the old theater and starting a baking business, small towns have long memories, and Lorelei’s wild past still haunts her. It doesn’t help that her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Boyd, is even hotter, smarter, and more distracting than before.

The fiery Lorelei that Spencer knew years ago may have become closed off and cautious, but their chemistry hasn’t faded one bit. Losing her a second time is unthinkable to him, yet Lorelei is convinced she doesn’t belong in Ardent Springs. Somehow, Spencer needs to show her that everything she needs is right here: family, friendship, new beginnings…and a man who’s never stopped loving her.

Warm, sexy, and laugh-out-loud funny, His First and Last is an irresistible story of first love and second chances.

Guest Post: Ten Reasons To Love A Southern Boy by Terri Osburn

His First and Last is the story of high school sweethearts Lorelei and Spencer getting a second chance at love. Lorelei is a hard case. After twelve years away, she’s back in her hometown with battle wounds Spencer knows nothing about. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t determined to win her back and to help Lorelei find the strong woman he knows is hiding behind her walls.

Spencer is a charmer through and through. Though Lorelei lashes out, he deftly bobs and weaves, always coaxing her into a smile. He’s smart, has overcome a less than stable start in the world, and best of all, loves Lorelei faults and all. Basically, he’s downright irresistible, as many Southern boys are. Which leads to our topic of the day. . .
Top 10 reasons to love a Southern boy

1) The first is the obvious—that Southern drawl. Born a Yankee, it wasn’t until I moved south twenty years ago that I learned there isn’t just one southern accent, but many. A Texas accent is very different from a Georgia one, but what’s true across the south is that a man saying, “How can I help you, darling” is sexy no matter where he’s from. Throw in a smile and a dimple and a girl doesn’t stand a chance.

2) Manners. This is not to imply that a man from anywhere else isn’t polite or won’t pull your chair out, but for a Southern male, manners are as ingrained as the accent. Yes, sir and yes, ma’am roll off his tongue without thought, and he’d never tolerate a woman standing while his butt is in a chair.

3) Trucks. I can’t help it, I’m a truck girl. Not the big jacked-up ones that require a ladder to get into, but a good old farm truck that lets me scoot across the seat to sit real close to the cute Southern man behind the wheel. BMWs are nice, but you can’t sit thigh to thigh in one of those fancy cars.

4) Land. I’ve lived in big cities and way out in the country, and for all the pros and cons, I’ll take wide open spaces any day. A clear night when you can see the stars beats tooling down a noisy city street. The burbs are nice, but you don’t often find yourself fishing along the banks of a pretty pond if a cul-de-sac is involved. Southern men often come with a nice sized plot of land, upon which they will, of course, build your dream home. (At least in the fiction I write.)

5) Ball caps. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always had a thing for a boy in a ball cap. Maybe it’s my eternal love for baseball players. Of course, there’s also the cowboy hat, which many Southern men wear (including my hero Spencer.) I mean, look at George Strait. That’s enough testimony for the hotness of the cowboy hat right there. Or maybe I should reference Tim McGraw here, who looks good in both ball caps and cowboy hats. Though let’s be honest, Tim looks good in (and likely out of) anything.

6) Naturally sweet. And I’m not just talking about their tea. There’s sugar in those Southern boys, and it’s hard to resist. You want to feel special? Have dinner with a Southern man and let him do his thing. You’ll not only be smiling all the way home, but you’ll feel like a queen, believe you’re the most beautiful woman ever, and be ready for dates number two, three, and four. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m certainly not complaining.

7) Good heart. Any man, regardless of where he grew up, can be good or bad, but Southern men tend to have bigger hearts, and they often wear them on their sleeves. If he likes you, you’ll know it. If he likes your friend, you’ll know that, too. Southern men don’t put much stock in playing games. There isn’t a lot of ‘does he or doesn’t he’. There’s a smile, an aw shucks, and up in the truck we go.

8) Dogs. You can learn a lot about a man by watching how he treats an animal of any kind, but a man who spoils his dog is always a good bet. Especially if he rescued said dog from the side of the road and patiently nursed him back to health. (Like Spencer, for example.) A man who can earn a dog’s unconditional love is worth a woman’s time.

9) Comfort food. Rarely will you ever see a Southern man ordering tofu and a diet green tea. They want a meal that will stick to their ribs, and usually feel the same about their women. A Southern man understands sturdy stock, and likes a girl who won’t blow away in a stiff wind. On behalf of us girls who are sturdier than most, I send out a big thank you for that.

10) Dogged determination. Last but not least, a Southern man never gives up. Whether it’s farming, driving cattle, building cabinets, or saving a theater, he’s in for the long haul and not backing down until the job is done and done right. This determination also carries over to his love life. A Southern man doesn’t walk at the first sign of trouble. He doesn’t back down from a fight, nor does he expect life to be easy. Anything worth having is worth the effort, and that goes for the love of a woman as much as anything else.

If you want to see all of this in action, pick up a copy of His First and Last today and I’ll bet the back forty that you’ll be head over heels for Spencer in no time.

About the Author:

Although born in the Ohio Valley, Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Terri Osburn found her true home between the covers of her favorite books. Classics like The Wizard of Oz and Little Women filled her childhood, and the genre of romance beckoned during her teen years. While Osburn went on to gain a degree in business administration, she couldn’t shelve her love of love stories. In 2007, she put pen to paper to write her own. Just five years later, she was named a 2012 finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. The author of the Anchor Island contemporary romance series, Osburn resides in Virginia with her daughter, an assortment of pets, and her bookshelves full of keepers.

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