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A Cowboy’s Christmas Promise
By: Maggie McGinnis
Releasing November 18th, 2014
In a captivating novel spiced with holiday magic—perfect for fans of Rachel Gibson, Susan Mallery, and Molly O’Keefe—a rugged Montana man mends a Northeast girl’s jaded heart.

Boston veterinarian Hayley Scampini tends the city’s pampered pets but dreams of the rural life of a country vet. She’s single and determined to stay that way, convinced that love isn’t permanent enough to trust. Then a vacation to the Whisper Creek dude ranch introduces her to Daniel McKee, a sexy single dad who runs the kind of veterinary practice she aspires to—and rattles her conviction to keep men at a distance.

Managing a thriving practice, coping with the loss of his wife, and fighting a custody battle with his in-laws over his twin daughters, Daniel couldn’t be more overwhelmed. Hayley is a godsend, accompanying him in the field and winning over his girls. It doesn’t take Daniel long to realize he’s falling for this woman, hard and fast. So before Hayley returns to Boston, he extracts a promise: that she will return to Whisper Creek for Christmas. It’s the perfect time and place to show Hayley that the promise of a beautiful life together is something she can believe in.
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Cole smiled. “This is a very clean barn.” He glanced out the stable door as Decker’s truck came down the driveway followed by a fishtail of dust. “Looks like Kyla’s back from the airport. Brace yourself.”


“Because she brings with her one of the Boston bridesmaids.”

“Then that might be my cue to leave. Where they walk, disaster apparently follows.”

“Just stay for a second. You won’t be sorry.” Cole raised his eyebrows and tipped his head toward the doorway.

Daniel watched as Kyla got out of the driver’s seat, all bounce and smile and about-to-be-a-bride energy. Then his eyes scanned to the other side of the truck, and he felt them go wide as a leggy redhead hauled herself out of the seat and stretched her arms so high that he got a peek of her creamy, taut stomach.

Cole laughed as he motioned for Daniel to close his hanging jaw. “That would be Hayley.”


“I know.”

Good God.

Where Katie had been all soft curves, tanned skin, and wispy blond hair, Hayley had curly red hair halfway down her back, ivory skin, and legs that went for miles. In a sleeveless shirt and just-short-enough shorts, she could have auditioned for The Bachelor, dude ranch edition.

Cole elbowed him. “Wait ’til she smiles.” And then Kyla said something and Hayley’s mouth erupted in a huge grin. “And there it is.”

“She’s sort of old Hollywood mixed with—”

“Porn star?”

“I wouldn’t know.” Daniel clamped his mouth shut.

“Right.” Cole raised his eyebrows and snapped his fingers in front of Daniel’s face. “But don’t be fooled by a pretty package. That girl defines the redhead stereotype. She’s nothing but trouble wrapped up in”—he swirled his arms vaguely at her body—“that.”

“Don’t worry. I’m hardly in the market for anything like”—he mirrored Cole’s hand motions—“that.”

Or anything else, for that matter.

“Want to meet her?”

Hell, yeah.

Wait. What?!

Daniel cleared his throat. “Whenever. She’ll be here for two weeks, right?” He looked back toward the stalls. “I need to check on Sky Dancer one more time before I leave.”

“Come on, idiot. She doesn’t bite.” Cole headed out the barn door and up the driveway toward the truck, leaving Daniel no choice but to follow him. “Kyla, I thought we discussed this! We can’t afford to have Hayley and Jess back here!”

Kyla spun toward him, laughing. “But they promised to be good!”

Daniel watched as he reached Hayley and roped her into a bear hug, spinning her around as she shrieked. Cole pointed at Kyla playfully. “I gotta call the airline. They were supposed to divert her flight.”

Hayley laughed as he set her down. “Sorry, Cole. My pilot-bribe trumped yours. You’ve got me for two whole weeks!”

Cole let her go, motioning toward Daniel. “I don’t think you met Daniel when you were here last year. Daniel, this is Hayley.”

Daniel stuck out his hand, and Hayley slid hers into it and shook firmly. As her eyes met his, he could see that they were a green-blue color that rivaled the distant foothills. They were wide, bright, and mischievous—and he could easily picture her causing as much trouble as Cole had suggested.

She slid her hand free, a little more slowly than he might have expected. “It’s good to meet you, Daniel. And if Cole has told you any stories about me, I assure you they’re not true.”

“He hasn’t said a thing.”


Author Info:

Maggie McGinnis is the author of Accidental Cowgirl and Driving Without a License, which was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award. A former high school English teacher, an accomplished musician, and a certified black belt, she lives in New England with her family.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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