Blitz & Giveaway: Make Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Desire

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Make Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Desire
Boxed Set
(The Dark Duet #1)
Publication Date: March 3rd 2014
Genres: Romance

Take a trip to the dark side with 12 books by some of the hottest names in edgy romance, including USA Today Bestselling authors CJ Roberts, Eliza Gayle, and Aleatha Romig!

Pam Godwin – Beneath the Burn
Skye Warren – Wanderlust
Claire Thompson – Enslaved
Cari Silverwood – Take Me Break Me
Annabel Joseph – Comfort Object
Aleatha Romig – Consequences
Shoshanna Evers – The Man Who Holds the Whip
Annika Martin – The Hostage Bargain
Jasmine Haynes – Take Your Pleasure
Eliza Gayle – Play With Me
Pepper Winters – Tears of Tess
CJ Roberts – Captive in the Dark

These e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be available for a limited time, so order your copy now!

All of these books are 18+, some are new adult romance, some are erotic romance, but all feature dark themes.
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Interview with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig

Please tell us about Consequences, your addition to the amazing anthology Make Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Desire.

Consequences was my first novel and is the first in the Consequences Series, which includes: Consequences, Truth, Convicted, and the Behind His Eyes Reading Companion Trilogy. Consequences is the story of Claire Nichols, who wakes in an unfamiliar bedroom. She’s been kidnapped, used, and abused by the handsome, charismatic, and wealthy Anthony Rawlings. Claire quickly learns that his public and private personas are drastically different. Survival requires following his rules. However, Consequences isn’t only about her survival, but it’s also a thriller/mystery; thus the puzzle piece on the cover. As you read, you’ll learn that Claire’s abduction was not a random act. Anthony Rawlings chose Claire for a purpose—as you read, hopefully, you will put together the pieces of the puzzle and learn why Claire was forced to face the Consequences.

What was the most difficult thing about writing Consequences?

As I stated, Consequences was my first ever novel. I didn’t know the rules, and broke most of them. I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to approach subjects like rape and domestic abuse. I didn’t know that I was supposed to sugar-coat it. I didn’t know that I couldn’t make my characters flawed and real. Now that I know those rules, I’m very glad I broke them. I believe that readers are tired of reading predictable stories, they crave something different. I love the darkness of Consequences as well as the other amazing stories in Make Me. I believe that some people crave a world darker than the one we would personally want to inhabit. Writing Consequences was often an emotional struggle. Claire Nichols lived in my head so completely that when she was happy, I was happy. When she wasn’t—neither was I.

Are all of the books in this series currently available and how long did they take you to write?

Yes, the series: Consequences, Truth, and Convicted are all available. Each novel took me a year to write. They are long (“long assed” according to my amazing formatter) novels. They range from 165K words to 190K words. There are many twists and turns and the second novel, Truth, introduces a plethora of new characters. In the reading companions, I’ve included a timeline of events as well as a glossary of characters. The companions are not all complete.

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on the Consequences Series Reading Companions. Though my stories are told in 3rd person, they are predominately from the point of view of Claire. The reading companions are entitled Behind His Eyes. They are NOT total rewrites of each novel. They are significant scenes from each novel as well as behind-the-scenes scenes. What Claire believes is happening and what’s really occurring are two different things. With Behind His Eyes, I show you what’s really going on from Anthony (Tony) Rawlings POV. Behind His Eyes Consequences was released in January of 2014, Behind His Eyes Truth will be released March 18, 2014, and Behind His Eyes Convicted will be released May 20, 2014.

Do you have plans for another series?

Yes! I’m very excited! I can’t wait to get going on this next series. I must admit, I’m not a planner. I have an idea and know where I want it to go. That was what I had with Consequences. I have to “get into” my characters and once I do, they lead me. As a matter of fact, Consequences was meant as a standalone book. I worked very hard to weave Truth and Convicted into the paradigm I’d set with Consequences. For that reason, I can’t say if my next series will be one, two, three, or more books...I will let them decide.

How do you feel about being included in Make Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Desire?

I’m honored! The Dark Duet was my first “dark desire” read, after writing Consequences and Truth. I like crime shows and I read a lot of thrillers, but all the romances I’d read up to that point were pretty fluffy. (We all need that once in a while) I loved CJ Robert’s story! I was truly “captivated”. Since that time, my reading genres have broadened—exponentially. Recently, I finished Pepper Winters’ Tears of Tess and Quintessentially Q. Again, blown away! It takes a lot to throw me—Pepper did it! Skye Warren, Eliza Gayle, I could go on and on with each and every author! There is so much talent in this amazing anthology. I’m honored to be included!

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