Review: Mercy Bound by Karen Plaisance

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Book:  Mercy Bound (Bound in Blood #1)
Author: Karen Plaisance
Published by:  Karen Plaisance
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
ISBN: B008VLR864
  For Mercy Cross, being a fated death oracle has its perks. Knowing when and how someone will bite the dust and being able to prevent it is always a rush. Not being able to save herself from her own grisly end is a bit of a downer, but hey, look for that silver lining where you can, right?
  Mercy's glass-is-half-full view of life is challenged when her attempts to save a mysterious red headed hunter backfires and she becomes temporarily blood bound to a New Orleans vampire. Embroiled in a political power struggle among the city's vampire contingent and hunted down by the very woman she saved, Mercy is left to wonder if surviving this nightmare is worth the agony of living through it.

This is my first review ever. I'm new to the Blogger world and I 'm starting out with Mercy Bound. It's an urban fantasy and well I mostly read romance and I didn't realize that this wasn't romance until after I started reading it. So bare with me as I try to write this review.

Mercy is the heroine of the story. She is a death oracle so she is able to see how people will die and she can even see her own murder, but not who her murderer is. Only his smile. She is what is called fated, which means her death can not be changed. Some people are, some are not. When she meets someone that isn't, she feels compelled to change what she sees. So she would come up with all these ideas or plans and they would always back fire. Which drove me absolutely crazy! So in doing this she has to give either some of her life time up, or some other deal. That's how she becomes bound to a vampire, by saving a stranger. Everything goes crazy after that. The whole book is her messing up and trying to help the New Orleans vampires.

The only romance is between Mercy and her vampire Adam. They both have feelings for each other, but she thinks it is just because of the blood bond. So being the romance addict that I am, I'm hoping for a little more romance in the next book.

So to sum up my review. I would rate it a 3 to a 4 stars. 3 because I needed more romance lol and 4 because it is everything an urban fantasy should be. It has witches, shape shifters, vampires, and demons. There's action, drama, and supernatural beings. So If you like urban fantasy, this book is for you. Happy Reading.
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