Review: Jaded (Jaded #1) by Tijan

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Book: Jaded (Jaded #1)
Author: Tijan
Published By: Tijan
Published Date: January 8th, 2011
5 out of 5 STARS
Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, but it seems someone else wants in on the action. Or that someone else just wants Sheldon, but how many bodies is enough to prove their love to her?
I keep asking myself, "What does this author do that's so different from other authors that makes me love her books so much?" I mean from the first sentence of every book I've read of hers I'm complete hooked and I just know I'm in for a 5 star book! I think it has do with the author being fearless with what she writes. It's nothing outlandish or anything but she just seems to go with the flow of what her characters would really do or how they react in certain situations. It might seem silly but a lot of side characters in books just don't feel real to me and well all of Tijan's characters completely blow me away! They're fearless that's for sure and maybe a little insane! If your looking for a bad boy book Tijan delivers like nobody else!

I have to say these books probably are not for everyone but I love them and I will continue to read everything and anything Tijan writes! She definitely my number one favorite author!

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