The Friday Freebie Post #9

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The Friday Freebie post is where I showcase my favorite Amazon freebies/cheapies. There can be anything: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult & many genres most with some element of romance. Anything from Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance to Urban Fantasy to possibly *gasp* Erotic Romance, plus a whole host of sub-genres. Most all are 4 stars or higher. Just be sure to double check to ensure they are still free, as the prices can change without notice. Hope you enjoy!


Cheapies ($0.99):

If you're a deal hunter (like me) and you're needing/wanting some more books, this will be a great weekend to find lots of book deals. With Valentine's Day just past and President's Day Monday there should be tons of books on sale! Here are a few to get you started, happy hunting!

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