Review: The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle

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Book: The Lure of Shapinsay
Author: Krista Holle
Publisher: Sweet River Romance
Date Published: December 16th, 2011
Author & Book Info:

ISBN: 2940013878815
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5 out of 5 Stars
Blurb: Ever since Kait Swanney could remember, the old crones of the village have been warning her to stay away from the selkies. They claim that like sirens of old, the seal men creep from the inky waters, shed their skins, and entice women to their deaths beneath the North Sea. But avoiding an encounter becomes impossible when Kait is spotted at the water’s edge, moments after the murder of a half-selkie infant.
   Unexpectedly, Kait is awoken by a beautiful, selkie man seeking revenge. After she declares her innocence, the intruder darts into the night, but not before inadvertently bewitching her with an overpowering lure.
   Kait obsesses over a reunion deep beneath the bay and risks her own life to be reunited with her selkie. But when she lands the dangerous lover, the chaos that follows leaves Kait little time to wonder—is it love setting her on fire or has she simply been lured?
  Amazing! I loved this book! I have always been interested in mermaids since I was a little girl, and I love all the myths about the siren call and how they were supposed to enchant human males. With this book it's not a mermaid but a selkie, and I liked it even more because it was a male who held the enchantment over the female!
  I was completely mesmerized with this book as much as Kait was mesmerized with Eamon! The love that they had for each other was just incredible! At first Kait was happy as long as Eamon was at her side, and Eamon was happy just because he could so easily make Kait happy. But after a while this started to cause  problems.  Eamon started  becoming sick and weak without the sea, but he refused to leave Kait's side, because she would literally go crazy! If he so much as left her for a few minutes she could feel herself start to slowly loose bits of her sanity! So of course they loved each other so deeply that the tables were turned to Kait wanting to make Eamon return to the sea and Eamon determined to stay at Kait's side. Like I said amazing! Absolutely beautiful! It was very touching how they were so willingly to sacrifice themselves as long as it kept the other healthy and happy!

Two quotes that I loved!
"Kait would soon learn that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I had chosen a new loyalty and would mourn the sea." -Eamon
“I’d not have you kill yourself,” I shouted over the water. “Dying is not a gift!” -Kait
  So you're probably wondering how in the world they can be together because they are the ultimate star crossed lovers? Well you'll just have to read it and find out for yourself, but I swear you will not be disappointed!

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