Review: Lancaster House by Taylor Dean

Book:  Lancaster House
Author: Taylor Dean
Publisher: CreateSpace (Indie)
Date Published:  June 7th 2012          
ISBN: 1475068689
Author's Website:
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5 out of 5 Stars
Blurb: Zoe Grayson needs a change. So, she moves to another state, purchases an old, dilapidated 1920s Victorian Mansion, and sets out to restore it to its former glory. As she begins the restoration, she finds herself falling in love with the old house . . . not to mention its illustrious builder, Mr. Lancaster. Zoe becomes obsessed with the house as she discovers its secrets; hidden rooms, secret passageways . . . and a mysterious man who seems to think the house is his. Who is he? More importantly, how does he live in her home unseen and unheard?
The unexpected answers leave her reeling—and questioning everything she’s ever known. To her dismay, Zoe’s actions land her in the local psychiatric hospital, scheming for ways to return to Lancaster House . . . and the love of her life.

      Wow! What an intense and refreshing book! It pulled me in form the very first page! It has everything from suspense to mystery and yes, of course, romance! This book  kept me on edge by keeping me guessing to the very end! Lancaster House is not your same ole paranormal romance that we all have come to know and expect! Oh no! There was no way I could have guessed all the twists and turns that are held in this book! It left me surprised and very satisfied with the the whole story! I guarantee you have never read any other book that is remotely like this one (well at least I sure haven't and I have read a lot of books!)  
       I really didn't know what I expected before I read it but once I started it, I literally could not put it down until I was at the very last page! I would definitely recommend this book as a must read! And I cannot wait until I get to read the second one in the series!

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  1. This sounds really good :D As I was reading the blurb I thought typical romance.Then further on I was like OK a little paranormal, and then mystery.Sounds like a book you read when you have a clear schedule so that you can read straight through.And I love the cover!!!

  2. Yes! You will definitely want to have a clear schedule before you start it! :)

  3. Thank you, Jess! What a wonderful review. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book.

  4. I want thank you for offering book Liasions the opportunity to read and review your book. It was a pleasure to read Lancaster house and I'm on the edge of me seat waiting for book 2!


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