Review: Dangerously Close (Adrenaline Highs #3) by Dee J. Adams

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Book: Dangerously Close (Adrenaline Highs #3)
Author: Dee J. Adams
Publisher: Carina Press
Date Published: July 23rd, 2012
ISBN: 9781426894121
Author & Book Info:
5 out of 5 Stars
Blurb: Bad-boy rock star Seger Hughes hit rock bottom after a near-fatal tragedy at his concert. He hates how his life has spun out of control. After changing his appearance and his name, he transforms into a different man: Mel Summers. Now he just needs a place to hide out from rabid fans and paparazzi.
   An isolated cliffside mansion is perfect. Ashley Bristol, his only neighbor, is blind—and her assistant is a classical music fan. They have no clue who he really is, but someone else does and she’s waited her whole life to be with him.
   Struggling to find her way after an accident that took her sight, Ashley is determined not to feel anything. Yet she gets to know Mel and can’t help falling for him. When her assistant mysteriously disappears, Ashley must rely on Mel more than ever. But then his past comes back to haunt them both, and just when they must pull together to avoid danger, betrayal and lies threaten to tear them apart...
    I loved this book, it made me want to read more romantic suspense/thrillers! Although this is the third book in the Adrenaline Highs series, you could easily read it as a stand-alone.
   Ashley, the heroine, has been going through a tough time the last couple of years. After two separate accidents, she is almost completely blind and has no idea if she'll ever get her eyesight back. Even though she is scared to death inside, she puts on a brave face for others and uses humor to get through it all. I loved her she was funny and extremely brave, and just an all-around sweet character.
  Mel Summers, known to the world as rock-star bad-boy Segar Hughes, is hiding out from his fans & the paparazzi under his original name next door to Ashley. He completely stole the show for me, I loved his character. He hit it big when he was younger and has spent the last years living the rock-star dream of music, booze, and women. Then he decides he's had enough, and wants to find himself & his music again. He was funny and sweet, and yeah I was crushing on the rock-star!
  The bad guy, or in this case gal, Paula was so creepy. I don't feel like I'm giving a spoiler because you know who it is from really early on in the book. The author wrote some parts of the book from her perspective too, and it was so disturbing to see how she saw things. Let me tell you, being in her mind was extremely scary! Her obsession with Mel went above and beyond normal fan-girl behavior!
  There was suspense, but since you saw what Paula was thinking you kind of know where it is all heading. It was still a really good read, makes me want to get the other books in the series!

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