Review: Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts #5) by Stacia Kane

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Book: Chasing Magic
Author: Stacia Kane
Publisher:  Del Rey
Date Published:  June 26th 2012
Author's Website:
ISBN: 0345527526
5 out of 5 Stars
Magic-wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush. But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply, Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls—and taking the innocent with them, as the magic-infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible.

As if the streets weren’t scary enough, the looming war between the two men in her life explodes, taking even more casualties and putting Chess squarely in the middle. Downside could become a literal ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to stop both the war and the dark wave of death-magic, and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source. Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess—if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason for living.
       I can not stress enough how much I love this series!  I'm completely hooked and I just can't seem to get enough! If you have read the other books in this series then you are not going to want to miss this one!
      I'm still waiting for more drama to happen between Lex and Chess! (I did get a juicy scene between Chess and Lex but it has left me wanting more!) I'm hoping sometime in the future Stacia Kane will have them hook back up again! Why you may ask, well lets just say I really hate how Chess has started to walk on egg shells around Terrible and how she's always telling him how sorry she is for messing up. She is just so afraid of him leaving her it drives me crazy! and of course if Chess and Terrible break up and Chess goes back to Lex just imagine the drama! So I say "I can not wait until the next book comes out and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get the drama I've been waiting for!"

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  1. I've only heard good things about this series. Thanks for the review. It's already on my TBR list! :D


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