Review: Seems Like Old Times by JoMarie Lodge

Book: Seems Like Old Times
Author: JoMarie Lodge
Publisher: Self-Published (Indie)
Date Published: November 14, 2011
Author's Website:
4 out of 5 Stars
***Review Copy Provided by Author***
Blurb: When Lee Reynolds, nationally known television news anchor, returns to the small town where she was born to sell her now-vacant childhood home, little does she expect to find that her first love has moved back to town. Nor does she expect that her feelings for him are still so strong.
   Tony Santos had been a major league baseball player, but now finds his days of glory gone. He's gone back home to raise his young son as a single dad.
   Both Tony and Lee have changed a lot. Yet, being with him, she finds that in her heart, it seems like old times...
   This book was a really heartwarming, down-to-earth, beautiful romance! I really enjoyed reading this book, Lisa and Tony's story was so realistic and lovely.
    Lee (Lisa) and Tony were in love as teenagers, but circumstances and life kept them from being together. As adults they have both striven to achieve different dreams and goals, but meet again when Lee must return to her home town to see to her family home.
   The main characters were both believable and likable. Lee is a very independent, intelligent, and career-minded woman. She is an extremely successful news anchor, with the perfect fiance, and seemingly perfect life. Tony is just wonderful. He used to be a major league baseball player, but quit playing to spend more time with his son (how sweet). He bought the ranch where he grew up and is content with his life. When they meet again, there are a lot of things from the past that need laid to rest, but boy do sparks fly! You can tell from that first moment that they have unresolved feelings for each other.
   The author did a wonderful job of making you feel what Lisa & Tony feel, and her characters were really well developed. I loved that she took her time to really hash out the characters, without making it feel like the story was progressing too slowly. Overall it was a great read, and I really liked it!

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  1. Sounds really nice. I'll TBR it. Thanks for the review! :D

  2. Thanks! Always happy to be able to recommend a good book :)


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